DVD Audio Ripper

DVD Audio Ripper 6.6

DVD Audio Ripper is a DVD audio extractor and DVD to MP3 converter

DVD Audio Ripper is easy-to-use software, just as its name says, it allows you to extract both the audio and video from a DVD file into a destination folder. In fact, the extraction process requires just three steps: first, you have to select a profile which will have the desired output format; then, you have to load the DVD; and finally press a button to start ripping. You can extract just a portion or the entire disc and preview its content while ripping. One important aspect is that the program includes many options: you can select among ten different output formats; play audio while previewing; include album and chapter folders in the output folder; prevent your computer from going on standby mode or hibernation while ripping. It includes a feature that alerts you when switching to battery supply, if necessary. Also, you can customize CPU core number in order to obtain the highest conversion speed. You can downsample the audio, adjust the volume, and include Dolby surround.
Finally, the program can be executed in the background, and you can take different actions after the extraction process has been finished, e.g. shut down or put your computer into hibernation.

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  • You can take snapshots while previewing the DVD
  • Good format support


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